David A, Co-CEO of EcoZoom

Over the next few weeks leading up to NFTE NY Metro’s Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC) Semi-Finals happening June 4th, we will be profiling every student participating in YEC. Stay Tuned. Today, we are profiling David A and Dominic D, Co-CEOs of EcoZoom.


David is a co-founder of EcoZoom, which aims to make the environment greener and introduce an innovative design to the transportation industry. EcoZoom is a manufacturing business that manufactures rideable recycled products that allow you to enjoy the outdoors. David and Dominic, co-founders of EcoZoom, have realized that owning an Eco-Friendly mode of transportation does not only make the environment greener but also reduces air pollution. David and Dominic are qualified to run EcoZoom because they live in New York City where they use public transportation daily; they easily see what problems need to be fixed and how to make the environment greener. David is a tenth grader attending the High School of Economics and Finance who looks forward to studying Criminal Justice and preserving the future business of EcoZoom.

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