Collin S, CEO of Shin Proz

Over the next few weeks leading up to NFTE NY Metro’s Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC) Semi-Finals happening June 4th, we will be profiling every student participating in YEC. Stay Tuned. Today, we are profiling Collin S, CEO of Shin Proz.


Through his company, Shin Proz, Collin is bringing the next generation of soccer shin guards to the market. Presently available shin guards are hazardous and limit performance. Shin Proz uses advance technology to create a shin guard that is lighter than the competition and will not slip off. Through his years of playing soccer at an elite level, Collin has suffered numerous shin injuries. After months of experimenting, Collin has created a product that satisfies athletes, allowing them to have fun and perform at their best while still protecting them from injuries. Collin is currently a 10th grader at August Martin High School. In the future, he plans to study electrical engineering.


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