H. Fitzgerald R, CEO of Y.A.T.A.E.E.

Over the next few weeks leading up to NFTE NY Metro’s Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC) Semi-Finals happening June 4th, we will be profiling every student participating in YEC. Stay Tuned. Today, we are profiling H. Fitzgerald Robertson, CEO of Y.A.T.A.E.E.


There is no such thing as too young to start a business! Youth Aspiring To Achieve Entrepreneurial Excellence, also known as Y.A.T.A.E.E., is a teen business consulting company that aims to increase the number of teen owned and run businesses worldwide, by helping youth start, grow or save their existing business or business idea. Mr. Fitzgerald R, the Founder and C.E.O. of Fitzgerald Venture Enterprises, Inc., and its subsidiaries including Y.A.T.A.E.E. has started and operated four successful businesses of his own, from the ripe age of 13 years old. Fitzgerald feels that it is his obligation to pass on the knowledge and contacts that he has made through creating his own businesses and establishing himself in the modern business word. Additionally, Fitzgerald says, “It is my personal goal to help today’s youth excel in creating or growing business entities, it’s what I did, and now it is their turn.” Mr. Robertson has helped in the inception and growth of over 10 teen businesses based in New York, and says he hopes to grow this number with each coming year. For more information on Fitzgerald Robertson and Y.A.T.A.E.E. please visit www.yataee.com. To contact Fitzgerald, please email ceo@fitzgeraldcollection.com.


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