Anne D. and Queen C., CO-CEOs of Clyde and Cev’s Bakery

Over the next few weeks leading up to NFTE NY Metro’s Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC) Semi-Finals happening June 5th, we will be profiling every student participating in the YEC. Stay Tuned. Today, we are profiling Anne D. and Queen C., CO-CEOs of Clyde and Cev’s Bakery.

Anne D. and Queen Clyde, CO-CEOs of Clyde and Cev's Bakery

Clyde and Cev’s is an organic bakery that brings the yummy taste back into healthy eating. As co-founders of this company, Queen and Anne have been able to combine their love for culinary arts and bringing social awareness of healthy eating to communities in Brooklyn through their bakery. They offer organic, gluten-free, and organic products as well as spreading the word on the horrid realities of agribusiness. Anne and Queen are both seniors at Brooklyn High School of the Arts with plans on majoring in culinary arts and business in the fall.


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