Introducing NFTE’s March Alum of the Month: Priscilla Gyimah

A NFTE Startup Summer alum, Priscilla Gyimah recently completed the GripTape Learning Challenge in December 2016, and we’re excited to share her experience with our community!


The GripTape Learning Challenge is a call to action to seize ownership of your learning and show yourself and the world what’s possible.  GripTape believes you can and should own your own learning process. Because when you take control over what and how you learn, the results can be powerful: the learning is deeper, more engaged, aligned with your passions, interests and curiosities, and directly connected to what matters to you.

 What is an idea, topic, skill you always wanted to learn? Something you feel passionate about? Something you know you can learn if only you had the time and the money? An experience you can invent, design and drive yourself? That will help you propel yourself onto your path to success.

The Challenge

18 youth were selected to receive:

  • Grants of up to $500 for their learning journey
  • A print and digital certificate of accomplishment
  • Feature on the GripTape website as a model and inspiration for others
  • Letter of recommendation and a noteworthy accomplishment for college applications and resumes
  • Distinction as a pioneer Challenger

Learning journey examples include: creating a community garden; researching and building solar panels; holding a spoken word poetry event; creating a graphic design portfolio; forming a business plan or launching a business; learning a new writing style; researching a moment in time; etc. The more creative, the better!

The Criteria

Think outside of the box and be creative! Learning journeys should:

  • Be designed and completely led by you!
  • Have a learning focus
  • Be an out of school experience
  • Help you achieve a learning goal linked to your success, now and / or in the future
  • Not rely on adult-led experiences (e.g. courses, programs, camps) for more than 1/3 of the time
  • Not require more than $500 of GripTape funding to complete

Priscilla’s Experience

Prior to participating in the GripTape Learning Challenge, Priscilla had the ability to create unique clothing items that catered to women’s fashion. Now, after taking charge of her learning experience, she is skilled in sewing pants – which she hopes will help expand her market to include male clientele. During her journey, Priscilla set specific learning goals and interim milestones, created an implementation plan, formed and managed a budget, and successfully balanced her time between her schoolwork and her passion for sewing. Priscilla strongly demonstrated her ability to make intentional choices and drive her learning. She met the goals she set for herself and learned more than she anticipated: “I have learned how to communicate better with people and speak up more. I also learned to be prepared to adjust and not be under pressure when things don’t go as planned.”

Interested in learning more about the GripTape Learning Challenge? Visit where new applications will open in April 2017

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