NFTE and Blueprint + Co: Reflections From A NFTE Student Entrepreneurship Workshop

Throughout his career, Shark Tank’s Daymond John has made it his mission to educate and empower young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. Last month, John’s team of experts hosted an exclusive Entrepreneur Workshop for NFTE students that taught them essential skills that every successful entrepreneur needs in order to create a strong foundation for their business. During the workshop, topics covered included:

  • Building an Authentic Brand
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Playing to Your Strengths


When asked about entrepreneurship education, John mentioned, “I know as an entrepreneur that I’ve learned a ton! Whether it’s building a billion dollar brand or working with one of the entrepreneurs I just invested in, I have a lot of lessons to share with entrepreneurs to help grow their business”.

We asked two NFTE students that participated in the workshop to share their takeaways from the workshop.


NFTE Student Entrepreneur Takeaways:

Carlos Feitosa, Founder of Shine Soaps: The March 11th workshop with Blueprint + Co was a great opportunity.  We learned that to build a successful brand, entrepreneurs must show determination, build a loyal customer base, and of course, have a great 30 second pitch. In addition, having a strong support system in place helps entrepreneurs stay the course when times get tough.

Marc Hinds, Founder of VR Spark:  I was also able to absorb a great amount of information on how to do effective social media promotions by using the “Power of Broke” strategy from Daymond John’s book. The “Power of Broke” strategy consists of using little to no money when starting a business and taking advantage of the opportunities that surround you. I learned that you need to get an army of people to advertise your brand. This strategy was proven with evidence, like the “Chewbacca Mom” viral video clip, for example. While I learned a lot throughout the workshop,  the most important lesson was that it is all about who knows you, and not who you know.

To see more of Daymond John’s work, follow him on Instagram at @thesharkdaymond, Twitter at @thesharkdaymond, and Snapchat @TheSharkDaymond.

NFTE and our student entrepreneurs thank Daymond and his team for a great afternoon learning more about entrepreneurship at Blueprint + Co.

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